About Acrylic Creations

About Acrylic Creations

Internal Hand Carved Sculptures

Acrylic Creations
Fred and Judith Baker
Perfection Is Our Tradition

Business: 954-927-8668 – Cell: 954-445-4659

Acrylic Creations

We use the highest quality, Optic Grade Acrylic available on the

Fred Baker and Fluffy

market today, combining it with our full-time honored craftsmanship, and

dedication in creating something that is so unforgettably beautiful, one-of-a-kind, encased within itself freely and timelessly allowing each individual design to appear as if it has been born effortlessly.

Our Exclusive Rose Sculptures are one of a kind in individual designs concept and creativity. My husband, and artist is the only sculpture that hand carves each rose petal, bud, vine stem and leaf in the manner in which he does. His Unique Roses are the only ones carved directly into the Acrylic by his hands, thus penetrating all of the desired area of all the interiors internally into the acrylic 1 to 1 and ½ inches deep into each piece of sculpture created.

Judith Ann Baker, Acrylic Creations
Judith Ann Baker, Acrylic Creations

These lovely sculptures we make resemble the exact appearance of liquid silk, concerning each piece by their own brilliance, shine, texture, touch, lucidity and definite continuity of every intertwining rose petal, bud, leaf and stem. Knowing all of our beautiful sculptures are hand carved externally and internally, no two pieces should ever be identical, although they may appear similar.

Every individual piece is hand carved and made well with love uniquely when precisely designed and composed by us both without the use of any molds or generic casts. This is an exact science we have perfected and why our art sculptures remain extremely rare and unique, and loveliest to perceive upon the naked eye.

My husband, born a natural sculptor with subsequent years of experience and complete professional academic training has been presented with many awards and is very well known in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany which is his original birth place and homeland as a renowned master sculptor in Eastern Europe.

Born Manfred von Schmeckebecher, born in Hockenheim, Germany, he comes from a well-known family within the art industry, as his grandfather, father, and sister are accomplished artists themselves to this day. Wise scholars say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which I believe and that these talents are God given to everyone by their own very special way. We believe our sculptures speak for themselves in their own silent manner while expose elegant poetry in motion, and timeless beauty within their own spaces where they may remain to live in the soul and heart of those of us with an inbred classical love, respect and endearment for true beauty that should last a lifetime.

Our shapely, and fluid hand carved sculptures are solely created by his strong hands during all cutting, carving, buffing, chiseling, polishing, and too the torching process. We do not, nor have ever used any type of artificial moldings, castings, or copying machines whenever carving externally and externally. We shall continue to carve our sculptures as long as God’s will beckons us.

Our light boxes and cover cases are all made by hand. These acrylic light boxes are made in a most special manner that brings forth special LED lighting which rises, and changes colors throughout our art sculptures thus creating a most unique, and beautiful creation by enhancing their natural brilliance, clarity and exacting definition. Then later our torching procedures are applied to our art sculptures. This technique lends the most ethereal warming and comforting presence unto our sculptures and the heart of the beholder.

We have been quite seemly blessed and honored upon our associations within the finest art galleries, interior groups, home furnishing group’s and individuals and remain so thankful with appreciation of their respective business we have received and continue to do so.

We accept special orders and requests for commissioned art sculptures and only ask for enough ample time to complete our projects in a timely fashion. With due considerations for special commissioned art pieces of art we do ask for a 50% deposit, and the balance due upon delivery. All business and patronages are as well always greatly appreciated for we strive for perfection, which has always been our family motto and tradition.

Our main goals and desires have been and shall always be to create the finest everlasting beauty and bring enjoyment and appreciation unto the eyes of the beholders. For any further assistance and information please contact us personally at our studio or cell phone as we welcome all inquiries on how to order and acquire any art sculpture available. All pricing is respectfully given upon request.

Thank you for your interests in taking the time, effort, and desire in viewing our website.

Perfection Is Our Tradition

Acrylic Creations
Fred & Judith Ann Baker

Art Studio: 2924 Dewey Street
Hollywood, Florida 33020-4722

Business Phone: 954-927-8668 – Cell Phone: 954-445-4659

Business License: #B90557285

Photography: Designed by Mr. Al Barge Professional Photographer

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