Acrylic Creations Business Terms and Conditions

Acrylic Creations Business Terms and Conditions:

Business License; # B9057285

  • Our client’s attention, wishes, and satisfactions are our main concerns.

  • We accept special commissioned orders in advance with an agreeable 50% deposit and the balance due upon delivery, a service we provide ourselves within Broward, Dade and West Palm Beach areas. All orders outside of these areas must be shipped.

  • We respectfully request sold sculptures to be paid for upon delivery or whatever other procedure is agreed upon.

  • We strive for perfection, as this is our motto and family creed we live and work by. It is imperative our artwork maintains the perfection, detailed creativity and opulence it rightfully deserves as best as humanly possible. Anything else is unacceptable to us for we thrive from the highest esteem, respect, and honors due toward all of our sculptures represented by all respectable clients. This is why we only purchase the highest grade of Lucite Acrylic material known to man for it shall always unable us to create the shiniest, smoothest, silkiest and crystal, transparent 3-D effects and liquid finish available. This silky finish feels softer than crystal, carved ice or even diamonds. It has the smoothest touch of all elements known to man, and is at the same time one of the strongest, and durable elements to work with as well allowing us to achieve the finest clarity, pristine transparent qualities and magnificent 3-D appearance possible. This, being said, it still is extremely delicate.

  • The greatest cares and patience is required in executing our products. The 3-D effect we create is one fine and beautiful marvel of majesty born while using Lucite Acrylic. We love working and creating with this material. Firstly, each piece is cut in one perfectly straight line using a special cutting saw later carved solely by the artist’s hands into variable shapes, different sizes, and designs therefore sculpting every unique sculpture.

  • The internal carving is applied by using a flexible shaft rotary power tool, and many various types of carving bits. Since this an exact science. A sculptor must have special and professional academic training. This type of internship requires approximately 3 to 4 years of formal training, and a formal apprentice achieved through a certified university to receive a Master’s Degree in the arts and sciences. In order to perform the delicate and precise task of internal carving a sculptor must be able to visually imagine then apply each design in reverse, using the eyes and the mind’s eyes as their reference guide. When doing external carvings such as 3-D the sculptor’s mind must plainly see to configure all shapes desired during this procedure. Learning to utilize such tools proficiently requires years of practice and experience and naturally a God-given gift and talent to achieve such perfection. Once the carving stage has been completed the next stage required is the lengthy task of buffing and polishing. These procedures while executed to the point of perfection require several applications. At this point the finest and most delicate polishing and buffing tools come into play then must be down by hand, precisely and flawlessly. It takes the most definite and exacting skills in achieving this finish for it is imperative to know precisely how much, how long, to buff and polish and when to stop. Lastly, the final phase of buffing and polishing must be done once more time using the softest fabric buffing pads available. This final stage shall achieve the fullest brilliance and definition unto the sculpture and give it the most pristine and polished prism effect possible. If not done slowly and meticulously, the entire sculpture may be ruined since Lucite Acrylic is one of the most delicate elements to work with even though it is one of the strongest materials as well. We also have created our extremely lovely, smooth, and opaque line of sculptures known as the Frosted Collection. This collection still provides the same vivid definition, clarity and perfected finish as does our brilliant Liquid Silk Collection. Both of these collections are quite seemingly beautiful, unique, lovely, and rare in their own manner as we are confident you will see for yourself.

  • All of our exquisite pieces remain genuinely unique, and original for we alone design, create, and carve them by hand. We do not nor have ever used any type of generic mold, copy, casts of any kind. Our limited edition sculptures come with their own certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by my husband so we may register each piece. My main position in our company consists of all promotions, advertisements, accounting, and scrutinized inspection of every sculpture assuring their perfection and flawless finish as we do not present nor deliver until each piece meets our standards of the highest regards. Our goal is and has always been to maintain the finest maintenance and receive the highest esteem and reputation possible so our art works may precede us in all areas. I also assist with all the designs, creations, and formation of our sculptures.

  • We apply our 3-D design and procedure to all our sculptures. When gazing upon them their rare appearance can be seen from every angle, and position wherever it may be placed in it’s own space. They all possess the rare, and unique ability to have an effect of suspension, creating the sensation of being suspended in a free space and surrounding with no beginning, and no end.

  • We have found the most unique and amazing torching procedure that enhances our designs bringing forth their brilliant appearance. The intervention of torching acrylic is not a new idea. It has been used for many years in the past. We, on the other hand, have developed the most modern and extreme methods while applying our torching stages to our sculptures. We are able to successfully create a torching method allowing us to torch our sculptures without losing their brilliant shine, fine definition and crystal clear, pristine iced color effects thus bringing forth the sculpture to life.

  • This is what we do, this is who we are. My husband and I are totally committed in executing the finest details and designs to our sculptures by exacting the science of infinite perfection. With the highest hope by God’s given talents and gifts we are most grateful our sculptures have been appreciated, and loved by art lovers around the world in the past and continue to do so.

  • Since many sculptures we design are part of a limited edition collection we should respectfully ask that such items be ordered well in advance. Please allow us 1 to 2 months when ordering any large sculpture or special commissioned art piece.

Perfection Is Our Tradition,
Respectfully Submitted,
Fred & Judith Ann Baker
Acrylic Creations