Proper Care and Feeding of Acrylic Creations

Acrylic Creations

Instructions for Proper Care, and Feeding of your One of a Kind Hand Carved Acrylic Sculptures:

Using the best high-grade quality and gentle liquid dish soap, wet your sculpture with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of soap to all sides. A few drops are quite sufficient. Gently work up a foamy lather by rubbing ever so lightly, once squeaky clean rinse thoroughly using cool water then buff dry with an extremely clean, soft lint-free high quality cloth till completely dry.

Keep your sculpture dust free by using some sprays of Windex Glass Cleaner regularly. It should protect your sculpture while allowing it to maintain it’s pristine, polished, silky smooth texture and most beautiful prism, pristine shine forever.

Since all Hand Carved Sculptures are composed from Optical Grade Lucite Acrylic, it is imperative never to wear any type of jewelry while your sculpture is being cleaned for this may scratch or injure your sculpture as jewelry is often quite abrasive in some cases.

Please, do use the best quality and clean cloths when drying your sculpture as they too may contain a few rough or sharp filters which can scratch and make your sculpture appear dull, grainy, or clouded. We hope you shall enjoy your sculpture for many years to come.

Fred & Judith Ann Baker
Acrylic Creations